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Islamic Wall Arts Arabic Calligraphy | Home Decoration

Islamic art is a cutting-edge idea made by craftsmanship students of history in the nineteenth century to encourage order and investigation of the material originally delivered under the Islamic people groups that arose out of Arabia in the seventh century.

Today, the term Islamic wall art depicts the entirety of expressions of the human experience that were created in the terrains where Islam was the prevailing religion or the religion of the individuals who dominated.

Islamic wall art is one of the hits on the whole home wall decoration layout in Islamic countries. As we all know Pakistan is also a Muslim greater part country, most families practice Islam. This implies that Islamic calligraphy is well known everywhere in the country. Islamic wall arts outlines look great on the whole home walls, particularly the drawing-room and dying hall.

Quran Aya’at wall artwork is a precious top pick. Islamic calligraphy style best of class, custom, and art, across the board piece. You would now be able to shop Islamic Calligraphy online in Pakistan at Rack.Pk.


Islamic calligraphy comes in numerous topics. You can browse Quran Ayats, Durood, Names of Allah, Name of Prophet Muhammad, thus substantially more. we have a wide sea of Islamic calligraphy work which you can buy online easily.

Color of Artwork:

The color of the Islamic artwork is another key point for the best variation between wall paint color and art color. You can select the tasteful black-colored look for the best matches on each light color wall paint. The Rack.Pk has Islamic calligraphy in black color from precious style. Everything descends on your own inclination and the design of your space to choose which style you will pick.

Size of Artwork:

The size of the Islamic artwork relies for the most part upon the home wall and room size. A little Islamic calligraphy work on a large home wall will not look beautiful and vice versa. It is the prime thing to make the best fit relationship between home wall size and artwork size. So, Islamic wall art decorations give a balanced harmony view. Rack.Pk is offering a wide range of different art sizes at a low cost so customers can easily pick their choice that best suits their home wall.


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